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At Brand Connections, we do today what we’ve always done: listen to the ever evolving needs of marketers and respond by developing solutions. Marketers told us the current agency model is broken. They said they didn’t want MORE agency partners, they wanted fewer, better partners. We listened not only to what they wanted, but what they didn’t want. We heard about the inefficiencies of some of the big agency holding companies as well as the struggles of working with multiple boutique agencies. We heard their annoyance with agency “pitch teams” and the challenges of primarily junior talent on account teams. We talked to hundreds of marketers to ask them how they would structure an agency, because if anyone knows how to build a better mousetrap, it’s a marketer.

And boy, did they share their opinions. Good ones. Hard ones. Crazy ones. Brilliant ones. But they all boiled down to this vision:

Create a truly integrated, cross-discipline agency with solid account teams supported by rock star specialists. Focus on the marketing tactics that most frequently need to work together to deliver an omni-channel message. Eliminate the silos and conflicting agendas that plague the traditional agency holding company model. Stay current by looking down the road two years to stay ahead of the curve. Oh, and hire really smart, hard-working, FUN people, because we’re going to be spending a lot of time together.

We thought, “How hard could THAT be?” So… we did it. Today the most common reaction from prospective clients who hear our story is, “Where have you BEEN?” We love that question. The next question for you is, “How can we help?”

We are Brand Connections, an independent agency holding company comprised of six business units that seamlessly work together to Make Marketing Easier for Marketers. From Fortune 500s to our “sweet spot” of helping Challenger Brands, solid strategy drives our turnkey services to deliver superior results. We are headquartered in New York, in the heart of Times Square (rubbing elbows with A-listers like the Naked Cowboy and Elmo), with offices in New Jersey (yes, we’ve heard all the jokes), Boston (despite their sports teams), Chicago (mostly because of the pizza), Denver (just an excuse so we can ski), Miami (it was our COO’s idea) and Orlando (because it truly IS the happiest place on earth).

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Our Team

Our cross-disciplined team works seamlessly together to deliver amazing results for our clients.

Sherry Orel

Sherry Orel

Victoria Drechsler

Victoria Drechsler

Brad Hajart

Brad Hajart

Dottie Balsano

Dottie Balsano

EVP, Agency and Marketing Services
Lindsey Pintar

Lindsey Pintar

Managing Director, Pinpoint
Dave Chatoff

Dave Chatoff

VP, Account Planning & Insights
Kristin Mattimore

Kristin Mattimore

SVP, Sales Operations
David Sica

David Sica

VP, Fulfillment & Logistics
John Fagan

John Fagan

VP, Retail Operations
Kate Wentworth

Kate Wentworth

VP, Group Account Director
Deb Grossman

Deb Grossman

VP, Group Account Director

What We Do

When we create a multi-channel campaign, we begin with an insight. A human truth.
It’s the connection that your brand has to a consumer’s head and to their very soul. With that powerful strategy in place,
we integrate the right turnkey programs to grow your brand and deliver real success.

Bottlerocket Marketing Group

Whether you’re making a splash with the year’s biggest Comic-Con booth or creating a fan-grabbing promotion on social media, Bottlerocket’s award-winning team ensures you’ll make an impact. We adapt to budgets of all sizes with turnkey programs that ensure you have the best promotion possible without the management headaches. If you don’t want to go it alone, we can even find you the right partner to maximize your marketing dollars. Learn More

PIE Integrated Marketing

Creativity can do a lot of things; like putting a smart phone in the hands of 58%+ of Americans or armholes in a blanket and branding it a “Snuggie.” At PIE Integrated Marketing, we try to find a happy balance between the two. That means we’ve got a foundation in good strategy and a double major in just crazy enough to work. We’ve helped established brands look at their businesses through new lenses (think Oculus Rift). For challenger brands ready to take on the big guys, PIE has the skills to tell your story, excite your fans and craft your integrated campaign to compete with the big boys and get the attention (and respect) of your retailers. Learn More

Feed PR

Creating the biggest buzz isn’t about having the biggest budget, it’s about having the biggest idea. At FEED PR, a division of Brand Connections, we never lose sight of that. But we know that great PR doesn’t end there. Next you need media contacts and messaging know-how to make that idea stand out in an oversaturated market. From press releases to strategy, our tactics are the secret weapon that challenger brands use to outsmart the competition without outspending it. Learn More


If marketing were a football game, in-store would be your “fourth and goal” moment. Pinpoint can build and manage a winning team of premium in-store brand advocates to ensure that you engage customers at shelf, gain fans and ultimately drive sales. Learn More

Lifestyle logo TK

Sampling is like an art form; getting it right requires practice, preparation and control. That ethos led us to operating two full-service warehouses in the U.S., and to create the largest sampling network in the world. With our turnkey solutions, we can target your consumers at the ideal lifestyle and life stage locations, driving trial while ensuring your samples are tracked and delivered on time, every time. Learn More


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New York

1500 Broadway, 32nd Floor
New York, NY 10036
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New Jersey

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Denver Warehouse

2635 S. Santa Fe Drive
Denver, CO 80223
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Orlando Warehouse

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1815 Purdy Avenue,
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